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Carpet Cleaning

Daylesford Carpet Cleaning Service will not make misleading statements about different cleaning techniques, but should be wary of companies that do.

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About Daylesford Carpet Cleaning Service

Who we are

Daylesford Carpet Cleaning Service is a family owned and operated local business.
George is a qualified Carpet Cleaning Technician and member of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC) and as such is bound by a strict code of practice to assure and protect our customers. We have a combination of equipment and ability to give the best result possible for any cleaning task we come across.

We will continue to exceed our customers expectations with prompt reliable service and of course clean carpets!

Why choose Daylesford Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet manufactures are almost unanimous when it comes to the best method for carpet cleaning “Hot Water Extraction Method Strongly Recommended” also known as “Steam Cleaning”

Steam Cleaning is the only method classified as deep cleaning, meaning that it cleans deep into the carpet fibres.  Most dark patches or stains on carpet are caused by sticky substances from spills etc in the carpet fibres.  If only a maintenance clean or surface clean is performed the carpet will look ok straight after the clean but the sticky substance will most likely still remain deeper within the carpet fibre, ready to work its way up, attract dirt and voila! Marks reappear.  Deep steam cleaning is the solution.

Daylesford Carpet Cleaning Service also has the equipment to dry clean carpets, if this is preferred by the customer.  

Daylesford Carpet Cleaning Service provide an honest service using the regions best petrol driven equipment mounted in a van outside the building ( no power or hot water need to be supplied by you ) to provide you with the cleanest and driest result.

We use a modern 24Hp Truck mount cleaning machine that provides hot water and most importantly vacuum at 25”hg max and airflow of 3500 litres per minute! Leaving your carpets dry enough to walk on immediately!

The pre conditioner we use is a natural citrus based product that is misted on top of the carpet and then extracted leaving nothing behind but clean carpet and a happy customer.